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Greetings from IPSR, UTAR!

UTAR R&D Colloquium serves as a platform for all researchers to present and share their work among the thirty two (32) Research Centers in UTAR. It is held twice annually with effect from year 2014. The initiative is in line with one of the initiatives/action plans devised under Focus Area 3: Research and Development of the UTAR 10-year Strategic Plan 2013-2022 i.e. Strengthening of Cross Disciplinary Research Centres.
The colloquium strives to achieve the following objectives: 

(a) Frequent and continuous updating of research outcomes to research centers, faculties, IPSR and VP RDC office. 
(b) Regular interactions among the thirty two (32) research centers to establish research co-operations which are cross-discipline and to bid for local and international research funding. 
(c) Research centers will be driven to conduct research projects that are cross discipline with socio- economic impact. 

 -Intellectual Pursuits Through Sustainable Research-  
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