Registry of Graduates

Registry of Graduates search system is created to enable external parties to search for UTAR graduates from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a quick and convenient way. User is only required to enter the name of the UTAR graduate in the box provided. Information on the degree and year of graduation will be provided by using the system.

Name (as per I.C./passport) :

Online Verification of UTAR Certificates

Authenticity of certificates is of the utmost importance to the University. In order to allow external parties to verify the certificates in a quick and convenient way, the University has started issuing UTAR Blockchain Certificate (a PDF copy of the certificate that is used in blockchain) in March 2018 to all graduates and later introduced QR code on the certificates issued by the University starting from August 2019, as illustrated below. UTAR is one of the first few universities in Asia, if not the world, to implement this Blockchain technology for university certificates in 2018.

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