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  FSc Lab SOP
No. Title Form No. Link
1 Undergraduate Research Scheme Student SOP in Faculty of Science FS-LMSA-S001 read more here
2 Laboratory Key Borrowing for Working after Office Hours FS-LMSA-S002 read more here
3 Handling Emergency/Accident in Laboratory Involving Student FS-LMSA-S003 read more here
4 Briefing details for Practical Class FS-LMSA-S004 read more here
5 SOP for Biohazardous and Clinical Waste Disposal (Flowchart) FS-LMSA-S005 read more here
6 General Laboratory Rules for Biology and Life Science Laboratories FS-LMSA-S006 read more here
7 Biohazard Waste Management FS-LMSA-S007 read more here
8 Emergency steps to be taken in the event of a potential blood borne pathogen exposure FS-LMSA-S008 read more here
9 Scheduled Waste Disposal FS-LMSA-S009 read more here
10 Transferring Hazardous Chemical Waste FS-LMSA-S010 read more here
11 Safe Work Procedures for Waste Transferring FS-LMSA-S011 read more here
12 Handling Liquid Nitrogen FS-LMSA-S012 read more here
13 Chemical and Biohazard Waste Spillage Handling FS-LMSA-S013 read more here
14 Biological Agent Handling FS-LMSA-S014 read more here
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