Dr Phoon Lee Quen

journal article

conference proceedings
  • Wong Li Min, Santha Silvaraj, Phoon Lee Quen, An Optimised High-Salt CTAB Protocol for Both DNA and RNA Isolation from Succulent Stems of Hylocereus sp., International Conference on Environment and BioScience (ICEBS 2013), Phuket, Thailand, 23-24 November 2013 (ISSN: 2301-3796).
  • Phoon Lee Quen, Development of High-throughput Molecular Diagnostic Tools for the Specific Detection of Pathogens Associated with Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus sp.)., Asian Congress on Biotechnology, May 2011 (ISSN: ).

  • wong li min, phoon lee quen, GenBank: KT361216.1 Hylocereus polyrhizus polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein 1 (PGIP1) mRNA, partial cds, NCBI, 2016 (ISBN: KT361216.1).
  • wong li min, phoon lee quen, UNVERIFIED: Hylocereus polyrhizus polygalacturonase-inhibiting protein 2-like (PGIP2) mRNA, partial sequence, NCBI, 2016 (ISBN: KT361217).