Dr Chan Ling Meng
Funding in UTAR
  • travel intention among foreign tourists for medical treatment in malaysia, UTARRF, July 2014 - June 2015.
  • the influence of threat and coping appraisals on the intention of health tourism in malaysia, UTARRF, October 2016 - September 2017.
  • am i right? factors influences the upsurge of unethical practices in malaysia hotel industry, UTARRF, December 2019 - December 2020.
  • how psychological capital mediates between positive emotions and work engagement: pathways to achieving sdgs in academic organisations, UTARRF, December 2021 - December 2022.
Funding not in UTAR
  • the ethical decision making and its relationship with personal moral philosophy of human resources practitioners in hotel industry, MINI BAJET, December 2010 - December 2012.
  • ethical decision making in academic dishonesty: an application of theory in planned behavior, UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA, September 2012 - September 2014.
  • role of ethical judgment and ethical awareness on the influences of moral intensity, attitude and religiosity towards hotel managers ethical decision making, SELF FUNDING, February 2014 - January 2020.