Ir Dr Kuan Seng How
Funding in UTAR
  • development of graphene based polymer nanocomposite for advanced food packaging, UTARRF, December 2016 - December 2017.
  • quantification and localization of water pipeline leaks through innovative acoustic emission data processing techniques, MOHE TRGS, December 2016 - November 2019.
  • elucidation of fe reduction mechanisms in kaolin bioleaching by bacillus species, UTARRF, December 2019 - December 2021.
  • investigation of organosolv hydrothermal processing for highmoisture solid sludge after wastewater treatment process from rubber glove industry for enhanced product reutilisation, UTARRF, December 2022 - December 2023.
  • determination of iron reduction mechanism of silicate mineral by bacteria using surface, structural and chemical characterisation with linkage to transcriptome analysis, MOHE FRGS, September 2022 - August 2025.
Funding not in UTAR
  • comparative study of plastics recycling in japan and malaysia: current state, challenges and opportunities, SUMITOMO FOUNDATION, April 2020 - March 2022.