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Year 2018

September 11 Agreement Signing Ceremony
August 17-19 International Youth Development Conference 2018
August 17 BJTU meets UTAR President
August 15 MoU with MDC
August 8 FAM Internship Abroad Forum
July 27 Visit by WMU students
July 20 Elite students visit UTAR
July 19 International students sharing their experiences
July 13 Visit by FEIAP delegates
June 24 - July 7 Study visit by GUN
July 4 Visit by JSUT
July 2 Visit by SMU
June 11 Visit by GXAST and AAET
June 6 Visit by NPU
June 5 Visit by UNMAS Denpasar
May 30 Visit from Liupanshui Normal University
May 16 Taiwan Fellowship Forum 2018
May 14 Visit by SHUTCM
May 11 Guangxi-Malaysia Higher Education Collaboration Forum
May 2 MoU with CNI sealed
April 30 MoU with GIEF
April 27 Visit by CAEIT and MDEC
March 28 UTAR and TJU renew ties
March 26 Visit and MoU signing
March 20 MoU with CMU
March 15-16 UTAR President visits universities in Beijing
March 12 MoU with redONE
March 06-15 Sakura Exchange Programme in Science
March 01 Visit by CMQIP
February 28 MoU with BQSM
February 03 Welcoming exchange students
January 26 MoU with Hokuriku University
January 19 Research agreement with Hume Cement
January 08-11 Visit by Busan Women's College Nursing
January 02-08 Study tour to CYCU, Taiwan
Dec 28 - January 12 Study tour to NPU, China


Year 2017


December 13 Visit by CYCU
December 13 MoU with TusSpace
December 12 China-Malaysia Centre for TCM
December 11-17 UTAR-NUS New Village Collaborative Project
December 08 MoU with INO Nature
November 30 Dialogue with China universities
November 10 MoU with Huizhou University
November 08 Guangxi University visits for Agreement Exchange
October 28 International Student Interaction Day
October 26 Visit by Hunan Mango Entertainment
October 24 Visit by the Philippines' Council of Deans
October 22 Inbound activities for Tunghai University
October 19 MOU Exchange Ceremony with iRewards
October 11 Students from Yangzhou University
October 10-18 Study tour to Jiangsu Normal University
October 09-16 Peer Helper Study Trip to Guilin University
October 07 Visit by National Taiwan University
September 24- Oct 04 Study tour to AGU, Japan
September 13-15 VP visits Guizhou Universities
September 13 MoU with Pestech International Berhad
September 10 MoU with FGS Education Centre
September 05 MoU with Sena Traffic Systems
September 01 President visits Tsinghua University
September 01 Collaboration with Jusfoun Big Data Co
August 27 Visit by Jiaying University
August 25-27 Little Spotlight Animation Showcase
August 14 Launch of Mary KUOK Library
August 11 Visit by Bao'an District Committee and MICAFA
July 26 Fostering stronger bond with Infineon
July 13 Visit by NTUE
July 07 Visit by STU
June 5-25 CityU Study Tour
June 15 Counselling Workshop for Secondary School
May 23 Visit by Guangxi Education Department
May 14-27 Qinzhou-Malaysia Industrial Park training
May 06 Visit by Fo Guang University
May 05 MoU for Academic Chair in Ayurveda
May 04   MoU with I-Chem Solution
May 03 Talk by OTH Regensburg
April 27 马来西亚拉曼大学校长蔡贤德参访广西大学
April 27 马来西亚拉曼大学参访广西大学
April 24 Visit by NingXia Medical University
April 20 Visit by IFM Tanzania
April 18  Agreement with HUCM
April 17 MoU with MIDAS IT
April 11 MoU for Unity Internship Programme
March 23-24 UTAR hosts TIM ASEAN 2017
March 21 Climate change adaptation in Tanzania
March 18 Strengthening ties with UST
  UTAR-Alibaba Entrepreneur Project
March 04-20 Scholars visit from Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
March 07 MoU with Tianjin University
February 21-25 Study visit by GAI
February 19-24 Urban heritage workshop with Tunghai University
February 12 Visit by Taiwanese officers
January 20 TCUST visits to foster closer collaboration
January 12 MoU exchange with Beijing Jiaotong University
January 04-09 IMLD and FBF hold dialogue sessions with CELAP


Year 2016


December 20-28 Fifth UTAR-NUS New Village Collaborative Project
December 23 Visit by CUPL
December 19 MoU with Ital and MBSA Auto
November 26-27 International Conference on Quemoy Studies
November 25 Visit by Shandong Yingcai University
November 23 Visit by UII
November 23 German ambassador calls on Kampar Campus
November 22 Anhui Normal University visits
November 18 MoU with Tianjin Chengjian University
November 17 Visit by Swedish ambassador-designate and Lund University
November 03 MoU with MICPA
November 01 Outbound Study Tour & Student Exchange Showcase
October 31 Visit by CELAP
October 31 Visit by Malayan Flour Mills Berhad
October 20 UST visits to strengthen collaboration
October 17 Visit by Huaqiao University
October 15 UTAR hosts Malaysia - Taiwan Higher Education Forum 2016
September 22 UTAR and FMM Perak sign MoU
September 14  Exploring collaborative opportunities with PCCCI
September 06 MoU with Alibaba.com
September 05 Kuok Foundation delegation visits UTAR
August 30 - Sep 02 UTAR-UST Workshop on Photonics and Advanced Materials
August 25 MoU with Oriental Institute of Technology
August 25 MoU with Sunway Medical Centre
August 22 Visit by CIOB Malaysia
August 12 International Culture Day
August 09 Visit by Yichun University
August 04 First offshore Mencius Institute at UTAR
August 03 MoU with Meizhou City People's Government
August 01 Visit by Jiangsu Normal University
July 22 New Village Collaborative Project with UST and NCTU
July 19 Visit by Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology
July 15 MoU with SecureKi
July 13 Visit by Yuan Ze University
July 11 Visit by FCU students
July 01 Visit by Chinese Culture University
June 29 Visit by I-Shou University
June 08 MoU with Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad
June 02 Nanhua University visits UTAR
June 01 Visit by Hebei Polytechnic Institute
May 04 MoU inked with Hume Cement Sdn Bhd
April 19 Visit by Sichuan Province education department
April 08 Visit from Norton University
April 06 A closer relationship with Majlis Daerah Kampar
March 23 UTAR and AICB sign MoU
March 22 Shu-Te and Tunghai University Visit UTAR
March 03 Visit by Shaanxi Normal University
February 26 UTAR and TAM seal pact
February 19      UTAR and NKNU sign MoU
February 17 Visit from Tianjin Foreign Studies University
January 14 Visit by Education Bureau of Guizhou
January 08 Visit by Guilin University of Technology
January 04-10 UTAR students enriched at MSEUF study tour


Year 2015


December 30 Visit by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
December 18 Guangxi Medical University Visit
December 14 Visit by Taiwanese Deputy Education Minister
December 10 Visit by Kanagawa Institute of Technology
December 04 Courtesy visit for future collaborations
November 23-25 English camp for educators
November 13 MoU with JobStreet.com
October German students here on exchange
September 29 MoU with MACS
September 18 Visit by National Cheng Kung University
September 14 English programme for JIU students 
August 11-19 New Village Community Project with UST
August 03 MoU with National Yang-Ming University
June 25 ESIT Visit UTAR Sungai Long Campus
May 12 MOU with China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong
April 23 Tanzanian Education Minister Visits UTAR
April 14 Visit from Infineon Technologies AG
March 24 UTAR inks MoU with Aged Care Group
February 13 Chinese New Year delight for exchange students
February 06 UTAR inks MoU with B.K. Geosoil Engineering
January 30 MoU with Huazong
January 16 CELAP Visits UTAR



Year 2014
December 05-06  MoU with Kobe University 
November 27 Talk on Research and Publication
November 26 UTAR collaborates with Takaful IKHLAS
September 30 Kobe University visits UTAR
August 06- Sep 17 UTAR hosts Japanese students
September 19-20 Workshop for School Teachers
September 12 NCKU and CJCU at UTAR
September 09-10 UTAR welcomes Taiwan Youth Ambassadors
August 16-22 FCU students in UTAR New Village Community Project
June 16 Counselling workshop for schoolteachers
May 28 UTAR-OTH pact sets off new chapter
May 12 Visit by KMUTNB
May 12 Visit by KUIS
May Visit from Shizuoka University Japan
April 07 MoU to spur practical learning in accountancy
March 23 UTAR inks pact with Phisontech
March 11 MIDA visits UTAR
February 27 UTAR and Infineon to continue alliance 
February 26 YUFE visits UTAR
February 26 UTAR and NPUST sign MoU
February 20 UTAR and Nestlé seal pact
January 20 UTAR signs MoU with SERC to boost research



Year 2013
December 12 Feng Chia University visits UTAR
December 02 UTAR signs MoU with The Development Zone
December 02 SAFEA and Xiamen University visit UTAR
November 29 TRCCS at UTAR Perak Campus Library
November 29 UTAR and Beckhoff seal pact
November 21 Soft launch of Spotlight Taiwan Project
November 16 MoA with ASM
November 09-10 Appreciating Taiwan arts and culture
October 28 UTAR collaborates with IEA
October 26 A joint boost for Hakka cultural studies
October 18 ITC Japan visits UTAR
October 11 Present and former IEM presidents sign MoU
October 02 UTAR and IFM ink pact
September 27 UTAR Perak Campus magnetizes NUS visitors
September 19-27 Horizons broadened for 10 at MSEUF
September 25 Tung Shin Hospital visits FMHS
September 05-19 Josai students in edu-tourism programme at UTAR
September 6 Josai strengthens ties with UTAR
August 01 UTAR and ACCA renew pact
July 27 UTAR forges close ties with Taiwan universities
July 27 Taiwan minister and universities call on UTAR
July 25 UTAR and NPUST strengthen ties
July 16 I-Shou strengthens ties with UTAR
July 06 UTAR hosts international students' get-together
May 13-24 Enriching experience for UTAR students in Japan
May 12-22 Fifteen on study tour to Wuhan, China
May 13-19 Peer helpers visit Taiwan
April 30 Shanghai Jiao Tong visits UTAR
March 22 Milestone MoU on TCM signed
March 21 Anglia Ruskin visits UTAR
March 20 Top Russian university calls at UTAR
March 13 TFU explores ties with UTAR
February 27 UTAR and SFFLA renews MoU