Prof Ts Dr Lim Yang Mooi
  • method to extract borneol from the exudate of dryobalanops aromatica
    A series chromatography methods used to extract borneol from the exudate of Dryobalanops aromatica.
    Date of Conceived : jun 11, 2012
    Date of Declared : jun 11, 2012
  • extraction method for bird's nest extract using customised apparatus
    he invention is an acid extraction method to extract the edible bird?s nest extract. The extraction method employs a series of step of extraction, which includes sample drying, sample eluting at 4oC, acid based extraction and boiling at 60-80oC / 2-4 hours with a customized device, the extraction is then followed with filtration and pH neutralization at pH 7. The filtrate is then lyophilized to prepare the acid based extraction edible bird?s nest extract
    Date of Conceived : jun 20, 2017
    Date of Declared : jun 20, 2017