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Enhancement of Publication Module in Staff Development System

We would like to inform you that the publication module in the Staff Development System has been enhanced with effect from 1 July 2018. 

The main changes are as follows: 

1) Inclusion of the Quartile Ranking for the journals listed in WOS, Scopus and Chinese Core (中文核心期刊) databases 

Academic staff members are required to ensure that the ISSN number of the journal where their journal article is published is correctly keyed into the system as the Quartile Ranking will be automatically displayed with the name of the journal. Academic staff members may refer to the list of publications with their ISSN numbers at the Staff Development System sidebar. 

2) Verification of Journal Article 

i) Publications keyed in under a research centre will be verified by the respective Research Centre Chairperson. 
ii) Publications keyed in under "not related to any research centre" will be verified by the Deputy Dean (R&D and Postgraduate Programmes) of the faculty the staff belongs to. 
iii) Publications keyed in by the Research Centre Chairperson will be verified by the Vice-President (R&D and Commercialization). 

Please ensure that all details of the journal article are correctly keyed-in for the verification process. 

Academic staff members are advised to key-in their publications as and when they are published and not wait until the annual appraisal period to ensure that their publications are duly verified in the system on time. 


The inclusion of the Quartile Ranking for the journals listed in WOS, Scopus and Chinese Core (中文核心期刊) databases would only be applicable to new journal articles published from 1 May 2018 onwards. 

Thank you. 

Marchie Lim Pin Sim 
Division of Human Resource